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November 28, 2022 Off By Totoi Semerena

In recent weeks we have published a series of articles entirely dedicated to the world of WordPress: the most popular content management system in the world. In our articles we have told you everything you need to know to start using the cms in a profitable way. During the guides, however, we have repeatedly talked about how the use of cms, especially without experience, can be a limit for our website. In today’s guide we will delve into this topic, telling you all the limitations and advantages of websites built with WordPress¬†

Are there any limits related to cms?

CMS, as we have already explained in the introductory guide, are systems that allow us to manage the contents of a website in a simple way. WordPress is one of the largest and most advanced cms on the market.

The professionals of the sector, while often falling back on the cms to complete certain types of projects, agree that the cms have limits. To understand the reasons behind the limits of the cms we need to think about two fundamental aspects for any website:

The creative aspect

The technical aspect

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The creative side of creating a website is what allows us to create a unique product, able to stand out and make the customer say “wow, what a beautiful site”. The creative side of creating a website is limited by the use of a cms because, in the end, blocks created by others are used: the best you can do is “fit” the blocks in a creative way.

The technical side of website creation, on the other hand, is that aspect of the project that allows us to create a fast and functional product. The technical side of a website created with WP is often limited by the large number of themes, plugins and other “sub-products” made by other people of which we do not know in detail how they work and which, therefore, we cannot make the most of.

From what we’ve talked about so far it seems that WordPress is more of a problem than a useful tool for building websites. Actually WordPress has some notable advantages , among them:

Drastic reduction of the time required to create the website

Drastic reduction of the costs associated with the creation of a website

Possibility of adapting the project to the client’s budget.