Myths about used cars

Myths about used cars

April 1, 2023 Off By Totoi Semerena
  1. It’s a deal, because people like it

This rule does not, of course, always apply. all cases. While the exterior appearance of a vehicle can also tell you about its condition, be careful with parts that appear too new. A test drive is essential and, if in doubt, it is advisable to have the car tested at a  TCS Technical Centre .

  1. Leasing of used cars is recommended

In addition to the monthly lease payments, there is fuel, insurance, taxes, tyres, maintenance and repairs to pay. Therefore, it is better to choose a cheaper model, perhaps smaller and older, but paid in full used cars in san diego

  1. The new price determines the selling price

One of the most resistant myths. For a couple of years now, buyers have been taking advantage of discounts and bonuses, thanks to competition and the strength of the Swiss franc. What matters is not the old list price, but the current value of the vehicle. It is therefore always necessary to compare the price of test or second-hand cars, with factory warranty and free service, with the current price of new cars.

  1. An opportunity like this will never come again

This is another of the many myths: the bargain market is vast and new opportunities arise every day. It is therefore necessary to take time and carefully compare the individual proposals.

  1. Individuals not required to report an accident immediately

The obligation to indicate accident damage also applies to contracts between private individuals. Minor damages are however excluded. In doubtful cases, it is recommended to consult the automotive experts of the TCS or a trusted garage. When buying and selling vehicles, it is good practice to be transparent and indicate in the contract whether the vehicle has been involved in an accident or not.

  1. Occasions only have problems

With a used car you run the risk of having more repairs, but in return the loss of value is less. Although many second-hand cars are in perfect condition and pose no more problems than new ones, it is recommended that you ask for a minimum guarantee on parts and labour.