Questions for Better Real Estate Lead Qualification

Questions for Better Real Estate Lead Qualification

February 8, 2023 Off By Totoi Semerena

How often have you spent looking for a place to live? If the homeowner’s enthusiasm is poor or their estimates for the cost of a home in their preferred community are just too high, the response may take some time. You can determine their level of motivation by asking additional questions to get to the reasons behind it.

  1. Do you have a different agent or a broker?

Due to their belief that dealing with numerous brokers will give them exposure to more residences, some purchasers may be doing so. You can evaluate if your offer is warm, cool, or in the center by finding out if they are also dealing with another person.

  1. Have you received a loan pre-qualification letter? How very much, if at all?

Pre-qualifying enables you to comprehend the purchaser’s financial situation and establishes whether they will be capable of buying a house in the band that you have chosen.

  1. If we located the ideal house, how eager you would be to purchase now?

If the response is anything other than “totally!” you are going to be faced with a prospect who is yet in the early phases of their quest and who could eventually turn into a warmer lead, but who is not quite there yet.

  1. Presently, are you a homeowner or leasing?

Leads from the first home buyers are usually treated differentially than those from consumers who are conducting their 3rd or 4th property search. Knowing this will enable you to select the most effective lead-working strategy. Grab this free purchaser lead quiz and distribute it to your prospects on Facebook, your website, or even via email campaigns to discover more about qualified buyer leads online!

  1. How quickly must you move?

It is obvious that you are interacting with a seller that is extremely competent and driven if the response is “straight away!” This can take a bit more time to get a seller going toward a sold sign if the consumer is not in a hurry.

  1. Is the asset financed by a home loan?

A great seller should ideally have the loan paid off or at the very least pay less on their loan than the property is worth.

  1. If your house doesn’t trade within the next 90 days, what will occur?

Once more, this establishes the desired level. The best-sellers are those who are willing to do whatever is necessary to sell their home, so if this makes you nervous, you’re dealing with one of them. One can refer to for more information.